Family is Important!

I created a blog so family and friends could participate in the fun. Please contact me or put an entry to this blog with your suggestions or comments. Your remarks are important in the scope of family. The family is more than the sitcom you see on the TV, it is real life in action. There is no set training manual on how to raise a family but we all do our best. God bless this activity on the web may it promote love and appreciation of Family. Walt

I am sorry I have neglected this site for so long. I and my wife have had health problems for a while so I am now handing the site to my daughter Kimberly Stiles Vick who will answer any questions you have and do the research necessary for the site to be helpful. The comments will still be open and she will monitor them plus I am adding a contact page so you can submit your comments or questions. Thanks for your interest in

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1950’s Family

Added a new page showing my Dad’s family from William and Norah Stiles in the 1950’s, check it out. Let me know what you think. Walt

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